How We Work With You

Your single dedicated Zonic Account Director provides a unique window into a whole world of Zonic services.

To ensure a close relationship, your Account Director will build a real understanding of your organisation: its purpose, aspirations, preferred ways of working and culture – as well as its technology, business strategy and go to market initiatives. For responsiveness and efficiency, we maintain core in-house teams for our clients, with close links to our wider ecosystem of Zonic resources as required. All work is mediated through your dedicated Zonic Account Director so you can provide final approval, or feedback, on every project. Virtual and face-to-face meetings with specific team members are organised on demand as needed.

Mark Fox, President & CEO

For responsiveness and efficiency

  • Core in-house teams maintained for clients, with close links to wider ecosystem of our resources.
  • All work mediated through client’s dedicated Zonic Account Director, enabling final approval, or feedback, on any project.
  • Virtual and face-to-face meetings with specific team members on demand, as needed.

Zonic Client Account Management

Digital Resources

With a flair for developments in social media, trends and generation-specific communication strategies.

Marketing Entry & Channel Support

Three decades in IT B2B relations has built an exceptional and ever-growing community of C-level contacts among vendors, VARS, distributors and senior execs within enterprises.

Content Creation

Radical technology? We define a new category, name it, explain it – then together we build a new, hungry market.

Marketing Consultancy & Executive Engagement

Many years knowing what works best and how to achieve business success through innovative marketing initiatives tailored to your business. In addition, C-Level introductions to potential business partners, channels, customers and key industry influencers.

Technical Writers & Content Development

Our long, comprehensive understanding of the IT business and its evolving technology. Plus deeper knowledge of specific technology sectors.


Working closely with Content and Digital Resources to ensure the right mix of compelling presentation and technical accuracy – while keeping closely in tune with your own house style.

Events & CxO Roundtables

Tailored or off-the-peg events for clients. Everything from focused media and/or CxO roundtables to international client conferences, backed with our proven track record for producing unforgettable, quality events.

This structure offers major advantages

This structure offers major advantages. Clients can pick and choose their preferred mix of countries for their PR/Marketing programs, providing a major advantage over retaining multiple agencies in different countries.

It’s a flexible, intelligent and cost-effective way to reach exactly the right audiences across the globe.