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Our core offering combines business wisdom and global contacts accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the IT marketplace – wisdom needed now more than ever, according to today’s financial opinion. This accumulated experience makes an integrated, continuously evolving entity – able to adapt and respond to each client’s specific situation and need. It adds up to a comprehensive portfolio of ways we can help your business – singly or as an integrated global package.


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Global Press & Analyst Relations

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Marketing Consultancy Services

Design & Digital Production

Event Planning, Management & Logistics

Executive Engagement Programs

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Great blog by @ZiftenInc's SVP Marketing @rpollock. "#AI in #Cybersecurity: Why Do #Cyberhacks Still Succeed?" https://t.co/zq8WBJ4HhE 7 hours ago
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#Crypto Market Recovers, But Could #Bitcoin Price Fall to $4,800? https://t.co/MgugIZbox5 via @cryptocoinsnews 17 hours ago
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Great blog by @ZiftenInc's SVP Marketing @rpollock. "#AI in #Cybersecurity: Why Do #Cyberhacks Still Succeed?" https://t.co/zq8WBJ4HhE 1 day ago
RT @ZiftenInc: The same team of #cybersecurity researchers who discovered original #Meltdown and #Spectre #vulnerabilities have uncovered 7… 2 days ago
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