Core Capabilities

While Zonic is best known as the key boutique PR service for innovative technology leaders, it is our extended list of capabilities that really sets us apart. These include:

Global Press & Analyst Relations

Getting the attention of press and industry analysts, takes intelligence, experience and, above all, reputation. Zonic has long served a worldwide community of top tier publications and respected industry and business analysts. Whatever your message, we will establish an ideal audience of influencers.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

For some, the move from paper to portable devices, from print, post and telephone to social media, presents a challenge. Our own clients helped create this smart new world of total connectivity. As masters of social media and digital marketing, we know how best to integrate new and old media for optimal impact. Tell us your thoughts, and we’ll tell the world.

Design & Video Production

No message will be heard until you have attention. Effective design balances what is familiar and comfortable against what is innovative and eye-catching. It leads you from what is known to what you want to know. In an increasingly visual global culture, video is now the prime attention getter. Be seen. Heard not herd.

Market Entry & Channel Support

Three decades in IT B2B relations has built an exceptional and ever-growing community of C-level contacts among vendors, VARS, distributors and senior execs within enterprises.

Marketing Consultancy & Executive Engagement

We have many years’ experience of successful global marketing initiatives tailored to each business, its goals and strategy. Our Executive Engagement programs facilitate C-level introductions. Everyone, from hot start-ups to multinationals, can leverage our ecosystem of international media, analysts, channel partners, enterprise connections and the investment community. Tech VCs and private equity firms are key to growth plans. Above all, each party is pre-briefed, understands the opportunity and is truly keen to meet.

Events & CxO Roundtables

Even more than words, our key strength is people. What works individually as Executive Engagement works on a wider scale with technology launches, hospitality events and press symposia. These can be network specific groups: growing companies meet venture capital, market entry meets established channels. If you want it, we’ll make it happen.