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April 2, 2018

Java, JavaScript, Python, C/C++ — All Are Top Programming Languages

Asking “which is the best programming language” is like asking about the most important cooking…
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March 26, 2018

Malicious Cyber-Activity Has a Real Economic Cost

“We estimate that malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109…
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March 19, 2018

Don’t Take Facebook “What Type of Adorable Puppy Are You” Quizzes — Here’s Why

“What type of dog are you?” “I scored 9 out of 10 on this vocabulary…
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January 23, 20193:27 pm
The #security perimeter is dead; long live the new #endpoint perimeter - the network no longer provides an air gap… https://t.co/0xw4ytOWf9 0 1
January 23, 201912:54 pm
January 23, 201912:48 pm
January 23, 20196:15 am
The #cybersecurity skills shortage is getting worse - more than half of organizations report a “problematic shortag… https://t.co/y5QuIFUMKc 0 0
January 22, 20193:27 pm
Crafty #infosec bots exploited XSS vulns on dusty corners of @EpicGames’ web infrastructure to steal #Fortnite game… https://t.co/KQmnAnoLYv 0 0
January 22, 201911:14 am
We need to rip off the #cybersecurity band-aids - accept #attacks will happen, and train to respond. Think of… https://t.co/ZIZpt9bznI 1 2
January 22, 20196:39 am
Advanced #phishing scenarios you will likely encounter this year - in 2019, there will be no end to email-driven… https://t.co/kxki4ORJ08 0 0
January 21, 20193:25 pm
5 Enterprise #security #tips for better #cybersecurity in 2019 - start out the year on the right foot with these 5… https://t.co/gbcc5aOe85 0 1
January 18, 20198:17 pm
How #China’s elite #hackers stole the world’s most valuable secrets - compromise #MSPs, and you have a much easier… https://t.co/vjsW2YDx3Q 1 2
January 18, 20197:18 pm
#Endpoints come in many flavors and Ziften supports #endpointprotection plus #visibility for a whole range of… https://t.co/Wjth7Hid9G 1 1
January 18, 20193:17 pm
Preventing #malware and other threats with #endpointsecurity – despite the increased focus on #EDR, preventing thes… https://t.co/hwHWHqT2Lv 1 0
January 17, 20194:49 pm
Make room in your heart for #endpointsecurity – love is in the air, but there is a 220% increase in malicious URLs… https://t.co/UQ5Dkrq9Ta 0 0
January 17, 201912:06 pm
Great article in @gazettabyte following an informative interview with @Infinera's #JonBaldry "Access drives a need… https://t.co/NUSDaPjwjX 0 1
January 17, 20198:17 am
Kudos to the unsung rock stars of #security - the real security #heroes are the men and women who keep the bad guys… https://t.co/CrST4xdVEr 2 1
January 16, 20193:48 pm
7 #privacy mistakes that keep #security pros on their toes – understand all these mistakes to help protect… https://t.co/FQHC8cSy5a 0 1
January 16, 20191:13 pm
January 16, 20191:09 pm
Reducing risk at the #endpoint: A practical framework and 5 practical areas that will enhance #endpointsecurity and… https://t.co/mxcBBbORWU 0 1
January 16, 201910:25 am
Zero trust: The transition from legacy to cloud-native https://t.co/ihjuYqEHST via @networkworld 0 1
January 15, 20192:45 pm
Fortifying Your Endpoint Protection Posture Against Upcoming Threats: Welcome to 2019! You should start fortifying… https://t.co/DFALCyHQ25 1 2
January 15, 20191:07 pm
Today’s #SecurityRoundup with last week’s #cybersecurity stories!
Top #cybersecurity skills and job markets:… https://t.co/DivjiD2CTF
0 0
January 11, 20194:42 pm
Nine Security Tips for 2019 - #cybersecurity luminaries weigh in with their predictions and prescriptions for the n… https://t.co/4WQ1GRAyjG 0 3
January 11, 20192:01 pm
RT @mellanoxtech: Mellanox 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Accelerate a World-Leading Supercomputer at the High-Performance Computing Center… 2 0

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