Marketing Consultancy Services

Enable network equipment providers to fundamentally rethink how they compete & deliver value to service providers


The Zonic Group includes a specialist International PR agency with superb contacts and an exceptionally high profile with IT-related media and analysts in every continent. Our strong focus on networking and telecommunications allows quicker grasp of your requirements and greater understanding of your value and market significance. It saves time and money and accelerates your response to opportunities.


Zonic’s experienced team includes several who were Marketing Directors for successful start-ups that went on to become market leaders. They bring that experience to the table and can work with you to develop your branding, your positioning and to launch an equally successful campaign, embracing either traditional print and media or the latest multimedia platforms and tools.


Zonic’s global network of industry analyst contacts provides exceptional insight into market conditions, trends and potential disruptions. This can inform your strategy, or we can introduce you to the analysts best placed to work with you on new research to support your solution or to provide fresh insight to shape your sales strategy.

 Experience & Services Offered

As detailed below, we have the experience to know how to approach, be noticed by, and to impress service providers with your solutions.

Expert Advice Workshop

Is an interactive one day session that allows equipment providers to mine the knowledge and expertise of top Service Provider product management leaders. You will:

  • Test solution concepts to determine relevance to Service Providers
  • Review your value proposition, positioning and messaging and how it resonates with Service Providers
  • Gain understanding of Service Providers, SMB or Enterprise segment requirements

Service Provider Segment Value Proposition Design

To differentiate & improve win rate. Together we:

  • Perform qualitative customer & prospect research to determine your perceived value to Service Providers
  • Map your products on the value they deliver
  • Prioritize the benefits your offering & experience brings
  • Compare total value against competitors to identify areas of differentiation
  • Deliver value proposition concepts based on analysis

Differentiated Service Provider Segment Solutions

Tailors your products for the specific requirements of Service Providers. Together we:

  • Develop product concepts leveraging equipment provider offerings to drive incremental Service Provider SMB & Enterprise revenue streams
  • Review current services & roadmap to determine any gaps to delivering product concepts
  • Develop your viewpoint on functionality or experience that will differentiate equipment provider solutions

Transform Service Provider sales engagements using insight-led selling techniques.

Together we:

  •  Review current messaging, collateral; positioning to determine Service Provider fit and appeal
  • Attend presentations or sales calls to understand current selling proposition
  • Develop sales and marketing insights with strategic Service Provider relevance to effectively position the value of your offerings
  • Provide specific Service Provider segment training on insights and how to leverage them when selling solutions


Zonic Group is a long established marketing consultancy and have undertaken a wide range of projects for many clients in the USA and across the globe. If you would like to find out more, have a look at our portfolio. If you are interesting in having a informal discussion on how we can help your organisation please contact our US Office on 408 504 8665 or our UK Office on 0870 760 9248. You can also simply fill in the form opposite and we will call you back, we look forward to hearing from you.

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