To quote Hubble CEO Paul Yarwood; “The fact is that we still get most of our new customers from referrals… Customers talk to each other and that is how we’ve grown our own business.” That was our starting capital for great content, an international customer base that uses and loves the product. So our first move was to ensure we captured a lot of this customer sentiment at the HubbleUp User Conference. The conference brings all Hubble’s customers together to share what the press described as a feel-good enthusiasm for a solution that delivers a tangible impact on business performance.

So we built on that capital with a: series of video interviews, and case studies followed by a series of very successful thought leadership articles mined from Hubble subject experts that have provided content for a global media blitz. The Hubble message has been spelled out and its experts showcased around the globe in leading journals like: Global Banking and Finance: IT for CEOs and CFOs: IT World: Business & Computer World: Realtor Magazine: Construction Executive: Accounting Today: Director of Finance: International Finance Magazine and a specific article for AFP the Association of Financial Professionals.


Our case studies provide just a snapshot of what we have achieved for our clients and hope they have been of interest. We are a long established marketing consultancy and have undertaken many varied projects, for many clients, in many geographical locations. If you need more detail on our portfolio, or want an informal discussion on how we can help your organisation, or need a formal proposal, please contact us – we are here to provide expert assistance!

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