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Sunnyvale, Calif. – January 11, 2016 Infinera, a provider of intelligent transport networks , announced that GÉANT, leading the collaboration of Europe in e-infrastructure and services for research and education (R & E), and the operator of the pan-European network I + E Networks connecting National and European of Education (NREN, for its acronym in English), he has deployed Infinera   Cloud Xpressconnectivity to expand its 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network in data centers. The initial connectivity is providing JISC, the UK organization for digital services and solutions for education and research, which supports the network Janet, and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to provide connectivity to its center Data in Budapest. Cloud incorporating Xpress allows GÉANT expand GbE flawless services to more European data centers with density of hyper-scale, operational simplicity and low power consumption.


Together with its NREN partners, GÉANT pan-European network connects more than 50 million users in 10,000 institutions across Europe, supporting scientific research and discovery in areas such as energy, the environment, space and medicine. It has been a vital element of the electronic infrastructure of Europe, providing high-speed connectivity required to share, access and process massive volumes of data essential to the study of particle physics and bio-informatics, the advancement of medicine or allow artists of the arts in different continents, act together in near real time.


With Xpress Cloud, GÉANT leverages technology unique photonic integrated circuit Infinera to support input and output capacity of up to one terabit per second (Tb / s) of entry and capacity in just two rack units. With its small form factor and low power consumption, Cloud Xpress offers a super WDM channel 500 gigabit per second (Gb / s) of bandwidth side network of more than 150 kilometers (km) without additional multiplexers or amplifiers, and up to 600 km with an amplified line system. Cloud Xpress also allows scaling efficient procurement and open interfaces simple to connect existing provisioning systems through cloud APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) defined by open software (SDN) network interfaces. Instant Bandwidth ™ allows activation of WDM bandwidth in increments of 100 Gb / s through a few mouse clicks, enabling rapid scale to meet the growing customer demands.


“We wanted something that integrated Infinera size XTC existing in Europe, provide cost-effective and scalable way, to extend 100 GbE connectivity in more places in Europe to meet the growing demands of our users and minimize the need space and power consumption. The quick and easy delivery of new services was also a key factor for us, “said Mark Johnston, director of network operations in GÉANT.”Instant Bandwidth allows rapid activation of new services to meet the changing needs of our customers.”


“The GÉANT network is a network of world’s most advanced research,” said Nick Walden, senior vice president of sales EMEA at Infinera. “Cloud Xpress allows GÉANT continue taking advantage of Intelligent Transport Networks to supply Infinera network. – Metro NREN connectivity from the backbone”


Xpress Cloud Infinera family introduced in 2014 offering a WDM solution optimized for the cloud, for cloud service providers, Internet content providers, service providers and other Internet exchange data center operators a large scale. Infinera has recently expanded the Cloud Cloud marketing Xpress Xpress family with 100 GbE, offering customers the choice of client interfaces 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE, to meet your specific needs. Infinera XT-500 complements Cloud Xpress to provide data center connectivity longer range, up to 4,000 km, with the same high density and low power.

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