Not only the US, but proven Global Reach

Z onic has feet on the ground in every continent, as well as most European countries. The world’s editors and IT media know Zonic as a real human presence and as long standing friends because we have recruited and retained specialists with local knowledge in each region. So we don’t need to rely on the usual network of third parties and overseas agencies to provide local contacts.

Global communication at a keystroke is still a myth. But we have decades of experience as a specialist agency working for, and with, telecommunications and networking companies that are innovating to make that myth come true.

Entering New Markets

We have an exceptional track record in providing channel research and developing market entry strategies – notably in the key European and Asia-Pacific regions.

We can help you to:
  • Conduct initial market research including analyst and consultant critique
  • Arrange introductions to Telcos, Service Providers and NEMs
  • Identify and qualify appropriate distribution partners for equipment, software and peripheral vendors
  • Set up introductions to system integrators and value-added resellers for specialist enterprise or carrier solutions
  • Facilitate round table focus groups with leading enterprises and potential industry partners
  • Set up and chair focus group meetings for manufacturers and OEMs with leading industry analysts and influencers

Unique Communication Skills . . .

Z onic has built up its team by selecting only those PR professionals that are also ICT experts in their own right. We already speak your language. Our clients trust us to create both technical and business articles by-lined under their own names. They know these will do credit to their brand.

As needed, we can communicate in technical terms to technologists, in business terms to “C” level executives, and we can equally provide light and intriguing messaging for a wider public. White papers, press releases, articles, websites, videos, presentations and broadcasts in multiple languages – not just English.

Our dynamic response to changing needs . . .

If you are looking for a flexible, agile approach to match today’s fast evolving ICT markets, then you need a specialist mid-size global agency like Zonic.

Smaller agencies can only offer our international coverage by teaming up with third parties overseas. That takes time, diffuses control and adds cost – where Zonic takes you straight to its own local team.

The largest agencies can only maintain their network of regional offices by locking clients into rigid budget allocation between those regions. If a sudden marketing opportunity arises in another region, the whole contract must be re-negotiated.

Zonic knows from experience that the market is constantly changing and understands that clients must be able to respond as swiftly. If you need to move the PR focus from one country to another at short notice – no problem.

What sets Zonic apart from the rest

Ask our clients what sets Zonic apart from standard PR agencies: it’s our distinctive blend of creative and strategic thinking. We don’t simply execute tactical PR by the book. Instead we apply our long experience in promoting technology in multiple countries and regions across the world to see the bigger picture and identify opportunities where a simple, but more creative approach could move mountains.

It is no longer enough just to be visible – we nurture our clients’ credibility and authority in their field. We are experts in developing “thought leadership” – and encourage others to think in the same strategic way. Our clients are not only known, they are respected.

Where others see a product or service, we see a potential brand. Where others see just technology, we may see a game-changer. Where others see only the media, we see an entire ecosystem of influential gatekeepers. Above all, Zonic pulls all these threads together creatively to give its clients the competitive edge.


Zonic Group is a long established marketing consultancy and have undertaken a wide range of projects for many clients in the USA and across the globe. If you would like to find out more, have a look at our portfolio. If you are interesting in having a informal discussion on how we can help your organisation please contact our US Office on 408 504 8665 or our UK Office on 0870 760 9248. You can also simply fill in the form opposite and we will call you back, we look forward to hearing from you.

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